In our stores, we bring together privileged services we offer for disabled and elderly customers under one roof. In 2017, we launched the “Accessible Store” project, which we started piloting in 2016. Our project, which started in 48 Migros and Macrocenter stores in 12 provinces, expanded into “Accessible Migros” as of 2018 with the inclusion of Migros Virtual Market.   Accordingly, we have compiled the Migros Sanal Market (e-commerce platform) website and mobile application with screen-reading programs used by visually impaired people. In addition, in 2018, we expanded the number of Migros and Macrocenter stores in line with the Accessible Store concept to 200 stores in 50 provinces. We have at least one employee who knows sign language to help the hearing-impaired in our stores and our customers can distinguish these employees from their special collar-badges indicating that they know sign language. Although we have 200 Accessible Stores, 696 employees volunteered to learn sign language. In this way, even in case of changes in duty or permits, we have additional employees who know sign language in our stores. These stores include ramps and railings that facilitate the easy access for disable-persons vehicles at the entrances. The shelves are also designed to be suitable for the passage of wheelchairs. At least one case indicated by special signaling in the stores where wheelchairs are used for the use of elderly customers is in the 90 cm range suitable for wheelchair access and prioritized for the passage of disabled customers. In case our disabled and elderly customers ask for help in our Accessible Stores, an employee helps them by accompanying them during their shopping. We aim to increase the number of Accessible Stores each year, and we try to design our newly opened stores with this perspective.

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