Families contain all the features of the social structure and make up the basis and essence of societies. Therefore, strong, open to development, educated and social family members are driving forces that will directly improve our society. With this point of view, our Family Clubs project, aimed at women, men and children of all ages, aims to improve the skills of the whole family. In our Family Clubs, which are located in 20 stores in 16 provinces throughout Turkey and whose numbers are increasing rapidly, District Public Education Centers offer vocational training and skills development courses for free in cooperation and offer socialization opportunities for people with the same interests in 2018. Our Family Clubs, whose members are mostly women, help women to participate in life more actively. It supports them to invest in their personal development, to have a profession and to create a stronger role model for their children. The number of women who set up their own businesses with the Turkey’s Ministry of Education approved certificate’s they earn by participating in Family Clubs is growing with each passing day across Turkey.

Family Clubs gives training in 63 different areas such as hand embroidery, jewelry, china, leather processing, marbling art, ceramic painting, wood painting, oil painting, elocution, sign language, Pilates, English, German, Spanish, diction, announcer, photography. In 2018, the number of registered members of the Family Clubs reached 31,437. 18,599 people participated in the 670 events held during the year.

The Family Clubs aim to contribute to the development of children and offer trainings such as painting, music and chess. In addition, workshops on coding, sustainability and zero waste, which are among the most important subjects of the modern world, are also organized to contribute to the development of children's knowledge and imagination.