Based on the view that behavioral changes at a young age are more effective, we prioritize children in public health awareness studies. Since 2016, we have been conducting the “Growing Healthy with Migros” project in order to establish the awareness of healthy and good life as more widespread and stronger in children.

Store tours for children in 396 Migros stores in 70 cities are organized by volunteer store managers by inviting children from their neighborhoods and their families to our stores. With healthy and good life education children learn various subjects such as the benefits of fruits and vegetables, the control processes of the products until they reach the shelves, Good Agricultural Practices, the subtleties of label reading. Children are also informed about the benefits of waste collection bins in stores and their contribution to a better future by recycling their waste. Migros Healthy Growth Guide is given to children as a gift in the tours and the importance of balanced nutrition and exercise is emphasized in the tours. In addition, at the end of the 23rd of April Migros Children's Theater Festival that reached 1 million children with free theater in 24 years, our employees provide the audience with Good Life training along with the “Migros Healthy Growth Guide” prepared with the Food Safety Association for the past 3 years.

We reached 160,627 children in the past 3 years in scope of the “Growing Healthy with Migros” project.