One of the longest-running among these is our “Special Support for Athletes with Special Needs” campaign, which was transformed into the Little Athletes Project in 2016. A portion of the revenues generated from Procter&Gamble products sold in our stores are donated to the Turkey Special Olympics Committee, enabling training activities for special needs children aged 2-7 aimed at enhancing their coordination skills and providing them with opportunities to socialize with their peers. Over the course of 16 years, 11 million Migros customers helped introduce sports to 6,238 special needs young people and children. Meanwhile, for the last nine years, Migros, in collaboration with Ariel (P&G) and the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) has been organizing a now-traditionalized “Clothing Donation Campaign”. As part of this project, our stores collected 705,000 articles of clothing, which were then cleaned using Ariel products and donated to 288,000 children by TOG.

As part of our joint campaign with Domestos, “Cleaner Toilets, Brighter Future”, we donate one bottle of Domestos to schools in need for every bottle purchased at our stores. This collaboration has enabled us to provide a year’s supply of Domestos hygiene products to 119 schools with over 150,000 students in the provinces of Gaziantep, Van, Diyarbakır and Antalya.

In another campaign that formed part of Finish’s “Pledge to Save Water” movement, all Migros stores offered Finish Quantum products with discounts equal to how much participants managed to save on their water bill compared to the previous month. The campaign helped save 3.5 million of water, equal to TL 16,000. Water Ambassadors project, another joint initiative with Finish, provided training to 8,000 children in Migros stores on the importance of water and the preservation of water sources.

The “Colorful Schools” campaign, an initiative launched two years ago in partnership with Lipton Ice Tea and with support from the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG), we repainted the interior and exteriors of five schools in need of repair to create a more colourful learning environment for kids.

As part of the “Women Shaping Hearts” project, launched by Migros to support economic empowerment of women, 30,000 heart-shaped lavender sachets, hand-made with support from the Foundation for the Support of Women’s Work, were sold with Vernel Max products in Migros stores.

In collaboration with the Olmuksan International Paper (Olmuksan IP) and Turkish Paraplegic Association (TOFD), Migros contributed to the plastic cap collection project, and donated two wheelchairs.

Each year, on occasion of the National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey (TEGV) donation boxes are placed inside Migros stores. In addition, Migros customers who wish to donate are able to do so by purchasing toys, children’s books and stationery products at 50 percent discount to be donated to children in need via the foundation. In collaboration with our customers, we also support the Books for All foundation in order to foster a love for reading in children. In this context, customers can use the Books for All foundation book collection boxes to donate the books they bring or purchase at a discount in our stores. So far, 58,588 books were collected and sent to schools all across Turkey.