We believe that the results of the projects initiated by the stakeholders who are specialized in different subjects have grown with the multiplier effect. For this reason, we bring to fruition many long-term projects by joining forces with our manufacturing companies, non-governmental organizations and customers.

Our “Special Support for Athletes with Special Needs” project was transformed into the “Little Athletes” project in 2016 and continued to support children with special education needs to play sports. Portion of the income from Procter & Gamble products sold in our stores are donated to the Turkey Special Olympics Committee to increase the coordination skills of children aged 2-7 with special needs and provide them opportunities to socialize with their peers. Within the scope of the project, with the contributions of 9.5 million customers in 15 years, we reached 6,034 young people and children with special needs.

We have supported the donation of more than 660 thousand clothes to 283 thousand children we have reached through the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) through our “Children's Outfit Donation Campaign”, which we have been conducting with Ariel (P&G) since 2010. Every year in the week of April 23rd, customers who want to help needy children, can buy toys, children's books and stationery products and able send it to the kids by donating them to the Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey boxes.

The “Colorful Schools” campaign launched in 2017 continued in 2018 as well. Within the scope of the campaign, with the income obtained from Lipton Ice Tea products sold in our stores, TOG volunteers repainted the interior and exteriors of 2 schools in need of renovation. Thus, our customers contributed to the happier education of students in a more colorful environment.