In the Migros Mobile application, we created a special section under “WellBeing Journey Program”. Here, the nutrient distributions of our customers’ 3-month food purchases and the ideal daily food consumption table are created side by side with an intelligent algorithm. Based on global parameters and data from the Ministry of Health, our customers can compare their consumption with ideal consumption and see at a glance which food group they neglect for a balanced diet. We offer tailor-made offers at a discount in order to cover the difference in balanced nutrition and encourage a wellbeing journey. The system updates the distribution chart of our customers after each purchase and provide a new wellbeing offer every two weeks. In addition, our application also includes weekly exercise suggestions and notifications on oral and dental health, water consumption and sun protection as well as interactive contents to support a healthy lifestyle such as a step tracker to increase physical activity, water drinking reminders for adequate water consumption and tooth brushing reminder for oral care.

In 2019, we had various collaborations to further improve the contents of our project and develop its overall performance. Accordingly, we updated the ideal consumption table for vegans and vegetarians> in the Migros Mobile application in collaboration with Anadolu Medical Center in 1Q20. We removed the animal products such as meat and milk, which are outside their consumption habits, from their ideal consumption tables and revised our WellBeing Offers. In addition, we made our application more interactive by providing the informative messages in the application through videos prepared by Nutritionists.

Moreover, we developed a new performance criterion with KPMG Turkey to measure the effectiveness of our project. With the Balanced Nutrition Index (BNI) we calculate the average annual distribution of our customers’ food shopping based on main food groups. Then we calculate the deviation of this data according to the recommended consumption rates and find the BNI score of all our customers. While the BNI score of our customers who participated in our project was 70.5 just before the project started, we saw that this reading increased to 75.7 as of December 2019. Thus, we measured the contribution of our project to our customers’ balanced nutritional habits.

Since the beginning of our project, we have considered our employees as ambassadors of the WellBeing Journey. All our innovations have enabled us to provide our employees with up-to-date trainings and to re-launch our project with exclusive WellBeing offers and discounts for them. When our employees opened the Migros Mobile application, they first saw pop-ups that directed them to the WellBeing page, allowing them to see their special offers. moreover, we improved the visibility of our project by placing information banners, visuals and free-standing boards in our stores and our Head Office building. With the WellBeing Journey, we reached 1.53 million people from the start of the project until the end of 2019 with the aim of raising awareness on healthy living. Through collaborations with our suppliers, we set up WellBeing Journey areas in 26 stores and four festivals where we were joined by nutritionists and dentists to provide information to the participants face-to-face. Our WellBeing Journey project won 7 international awards>. It was recognized as an exemplary project at world retail summits in Lisbon, Berlin, London, Tokyo, Warsaw and Monaco in 2018 and 2019, and well-received as a pioneering retail practice.