We deliver foodstuffs that do not meet the sales requirements visually but maintain their nutritive properties and are suitable for consumption to those in need through a web-based donation platform. With this new generation application we took online in 2017 with the cooperation of Fazla Gıda (Whole Surplus), the requirements of the needy and the donatable foodstuffs are matched on the same platform. Thus, the donated food is delivered to the right address in the right amount and is utilized up to 100 percent. Due to the system that includes fruits and vegetables and legumes products, products can be delivered to food banks and social markets on a daily basis. In 2018, we donated 528 tons of food and supported 1,124,023 meals delivered to those in need during the year. We aim to extend our project to our stores throughout the country.

In May 2018, we expanded our scope by including 3 manufacturers and suppliers in our food donation project. In this context, the products that will be returned to our manufacturers due to the expiry date approaching or damage to the packaging are separated and the ones involved in the project are subjected to control process. We identify products that can be donated and include them in the donation process after bagging and sealing.