The WellBeing Journey Project was launched in order to give our customers shopping preferences with a healthier life awareness and to support the creation of positive behavior change. With the start of the first phase, aiming at guidance on balanced nutrition and active living in Turkey and globally in April 2018, we pioneered the retail sector.

In Migros Mobile application, we created a special section under WellBeing Journey. Here, the nutrient distributions of our customers' 3-month food purchases and the ideal daily food consumption table are created side by side with an intelligent algorithm. Based on global parameters and data from the Ministry of Health, our customers can compare their consumption with ideal consumption and see at a glance which food group they neglect for a balanced diet. We offer tailor-made recommendations at a discount in order to cover the difference in balanced nutrition and encourage a healthy life journey. The system updates the chart of our customers after each purchase and offers a new healthy lifestyle tip every two weeks.

Our application also includes notifications on the importance of drinking water as well as a balanced diet and a sample exercise table. Enriched with interactive content such as water drinking reminders and step counter, our customers can monitor their movements during the day and set up reminders for sufficient water consumption.

In September 2018, we added our awareness-raising activities on oral and dental health to our project, which started within the scope of food and maintained on the mobile platform. During the store activities we organized in cooperation with the Turkish Dental Association and the leading companies in this field, we offered training on correct brushing, flossing and mouthwash techniques. In addition, by adding oral care messages to the WellBeing Journey tab in the Migros Mobile application, we started to offer each of our customers the oral care product that was missing based on shopping data, with personalized opportunities.

With our project, which started in April 2018 and became continuous with the integrated use of stores and mobile channels, we reached 1.3 million customers in 9 months and enabled 51 percent of our customers to change their purchasing tendencies towards more healthy choices. We have established WellBeing Journey areas in our 26 stores in 14 provinces and 3 festivals with the cooperation of our suppliers. A total of 33,500 people attended face-to-face trainings, which were provided by nutritionists and dentists. In 2018, we encouraged our customers to have a balanced diet by offering total discounts of TL 1,200,000 within the scope of WellBeing offers. Our project was presented at the Sustainable Retail Summit held by the Consumer Goods Forum in Lisbon and was cited as the most effective next-generation retail application by world's leading retailers and manufacturers. The project also won two awards in the “Innovation in Customer Service” and “Distinctive Sales Application of the Year” categories in the “Sales and Customer Service” awards organized by Stevie Awards, one of world's most prestigious award programs.